Writer's Guidelines for the LBC Blog

  1. Blog posts are short. They cover no more than a few paragraphs. In this medium, brevity reigns supreme.
  2. Anyone named in an article must have given their prior approval to be publicly named prior to blog post submission.
  3. Posts that communicate the many ways our church or your organization are helping in the neighborhood, region, nation, and world are welcome. Posts that let seekers know who we at LBC are, what we do, and that they are most welcome to join us are all of interest.
  4. Unlike personal blogs, the LBC blog site will not be publishing opinion pieces. If there comes a time when we need to stand up as a congregation for or against something in society, it will have to be agreed upon by the congregation as a whole.
  5. Blog posts work best when accompanied by at least one image. If you have jpeg images (saved at a “low” size) we’d love to see them (provided you own the copyright to those images). However, to keep everyone safe, we will not publish images of children.
  6. Please submit posts concerning upcoming events well in advance of the event’s date so that we can give that event as much notice as possible.
  7. When attending a public event, wear your reporter’s hat. Make note of moving moments, snap a photo, and send an article. Reflections on events are popular reading.
  8. You may send your completed posts for consideration to our blog’s email address: reverendjbsnyder@gmail.com. Your post will be assessed on its appropriateness for the LBC blog site (If it is not, please do not be offended, hurt, or embarrassed; the focus for a church blog is very tight), then we will edit the post, and finally it will be published. Please note any time sensitive information when you submit. We publish just as fast as we can, but time sensitive material takes priority. We look forward to hearing from you. God bless you. 

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