Weddings at Lansdowne Baptist

Congratulations and God’s blessing upon you both as you approach your wedding day. If you are not members of Lansdowne Baptist Church, but would like to be married in this beautiful church, that is possible. Here's what you need to know.

In order to lay the strongest foundation for your marriage and to enjoy a community of faith which partners with you throughout life, our church has created the following policies for weddings at Lansdowne Baptist Church.

1.   Our Minister will provide 4 to 8 premarital counseling sessions with each couple.  We will also plan your wedding ceremony during these sessions.
2.   We are assuming that since you want a church wedding that God is an important part of your marriage, and we would like the privilege of assisting you in your spiritual pilgrimage.  In order to do so, we ask that you attend our worship services at least twice each month as we walk through your marriage preparation.  You will find this time of worship foundational to your marriage.  (If you already attend a church on a weekly basis, or if there are other extenuating circumstances, this requirement can be negotiated with our Minister.)
3.   Finally, it is expected that our Minister will officiate at the service.  If you wish to bring another minister in to officiate, you will have to secure permission from the Minister to add that minister to the service. 
4.   Use of our Sanctuary for the wedding day will be $400.  There is an additional $100 fee for the rehearsal. Please make the check out to Lansdowne Baptist Church for all payments made by check.  $75 in cash is required for the custodian (this fee includes three hours on the wedding day - additional time will require an additional payment of $25 per hour). $50 is provided for the sexton, who opens and closes the church for you. A non-refundable deposit of $200 secures your date with the balance due two weeks in advance of the wedding ceremony.  We ask that no birdseed or rice be used on the premises.   
5.   Receptions are not available.
6.   The Minister’s honorarium is $400 and includes the counseling sessions, wedding rehearsal, and the wedding ceremony. Bring cash or a check made out to Jeffery B. Snyder to the rehearsal with the marriage license.
7.   If you are going to engage your own musicians and soloists, we are expecting you to negotiate fees with them.
8.   We can recommend a church pianist. The price will be $150 minimum.

9.   If you wish to have our secretary print a wedding program for you, the fee is $100.  

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