Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Racism and the Church

Lansdowne Baptist Church is proud to be a diverse, multi-cultural church. That alone doesn't guarantee racial harmony, but it provides firsthand insight, and communication between members of different races. Segregated churches do not have the benefit of that particular social interaction. Some even experience the perils of "single-mindedness" which can foster deeply embedded and pervasive structures of racism, and in extreme cases, lead to horrible hateful acts of violence. The many intricate levels of racism are hard to combat, even when it is a recognized problem, with people willing to address it. See the article at: https://baptistnews.com/article/beyond-condemning-racist-violence-the-white-church-must-grapple-with-ways-it-is-implicated-in-that-violence/#.XJ6cDphKiUk

~Will Thompson 

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