Friday, November 2, 2018

Better Together When We Boldly Go

There is a strength in diversity that we just don't get if we are suspicious of others and stick to tight little communities of other people just like us. Paul told the church of Corinth that. Paul let the Romans know that Jewish and Gentile Christians working together were far stronger than if they splintered apart along Jewish and Gentile lines. And, of course, from 1966 onward, Star Trek has reinforced that ideal. Better to boldly go together than to huddle in little enclaves separated by race, by religion, or by whatever else we choose to divide ourselves by. 

For more on this topic, see the article in Patheos by Erin Wathen titled "Boldly Go: The Gospel of Star Trek." I think you'll be glad you did:

Then join us Sunday morning at Lansdowne Baptist Church. We are an American Baptist church, member of one of the most diverse denominations there is. We are pretty diverse ourselves, as you'll soon see, and ready to welcome you so we can all boldly go together. See you in the sanctuary!  

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