Thursday, July 19, 2018

Beyond Loaves and Fishes: On Vacation & Invitation

I have been away on vacation with my wife, visiting family and friends. God graced us with a chance to recharge and return. Now, here is an open invitation to join in the community building and Bible study that is Beyond Loaves and Fishes. If you want to join our live stream Bible study community and participate in the Tuesday evening, 8 p.m. study, go to the following address and hit subscribe. It is quick and easy. You may have to open a YouTube account of your own, but that too is quick and easy ... and free. See you soon:

If you'd like a little more information on becoming a subscriber, see the following. To learn how to join us on the Beyond Loaves and Fishes live stream event each Tuesday night, take a look at the following blog post and follow the simple steps:

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