Tuesday, May 30, 2017

American Baptists Have Always Taken Strong Stands on Justice Issues

In the attached article from The Christian Citizen, the American Baptist Home Mission Society stood against the evils of slavery during the American Civil War. They resolved for themselves and to President Abraham Lincoln:
Resolutions were adopted declaring the rebellion “a crime against civilization, humanity, freedom, and God,” recommending, “That we tender to the President of the United States and to those associated with him in the Government, the assurance of our entire confidence and our earnest sympathy with them in their efforts to maintain the integrity of the Republic; of our prayers for their success; of our readiness to sustain them by the sacrifice of property and life; and of our hearty assent to the policy of conquering disunion by the uprooting of slavery — its cause.”
To read more, see: https://medium.com/christian-citizen/american-baptist-home-mission-society-stood-with-abraham-lincoln-against-slavery-e2c03f2059c

To learn more about American Baptist Churches USA and our predecessors, see: http://www.abc-usa.org/what_we_believe/our-history/

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