Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Fair TODAY! 10 am to 2 pm December 6

This is the day. The Christmas Fair is on at Lansdowne Baptist Church in the education wing. Room upon room of those gifts you are looking for at prices ... well, words don't express it properly.

There will be a silent auction that includes refurbished computers, beautiful ceramics, glass, and art books among other wonderful things. 

Then there are the baked goods. If you have not had Baptist baked goods, you have no truly lived. Come out and be blessed. 

All funds raised help this church help its community, so it is all for a good cause. We look forward to seeing you there.

So what if there is a little rain? God, in infinite wisdom, made us waterproof for just such events. We will welcome you warmly and give you a good and dry shopping environment. 

Finally, everyone working today's event is doing so by choice. Nobody has been pulled away from family and friends during a holiday to work this event. In fact, everybody here is working WITH family and friends. Come and see. YOU are most welcome.

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