Thursday, September 4, 2014

Unintended Consequences of a Simple Sign

A while back I read a scholarly study on what makes a megachurch tick. One thing that stuck in my mind was that anything that draws attention to your facility is a good thing. Well, the simple "chalk sign" has, unintentionally, become such a thing. 

I was down at a local restaurant picking up dinner (The Seventh Avenue Grill) and the discussion rolled around to what I do. Mentioning that I was pastor of LBC, the clerk asked which one that is. Saying the big stone church was not very useful as there are several in the area. After a few tries it hit me, "the one with the chalk sign out front" I tried. Eyes lit up. "Oh, yeah, I know that one." 

The simple sign is a success. It is garnering interest ... and a new way to identify our church. Someone has also called about the Bible study, which made me happy as well.  

To learn more about this sign, see the original post:
To discover more about the Bag Lunch Bible Study shown on the sign's front, see:

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