Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SUCCESS: First Bag Lunch Bible Study Wednesday Class Held

Here at Lansdowne Baptist Church, we are celebrating the successful completion of our very first Bag Lunch Bible Study class, led by Pastor Jeff Snyder. We had good attendance, great conversation, and covered a lot of material. We are about to begin covering the book of Matthew, seeking verses particularly applicable to our lives today. 

It is going to be a warm and friendly experience filled with exploration and sharing. Everybody packed a nice lunch too! 

You are personally invited to come and join us. The more perspectives we have, the greater the diversity of experience, and the more we will all learn together in this friendly, welcoming class. Hope to see you next Wednesday, and each Wednesday, from noon to 1 PM. 

For more information on the class, see:

For a few Bible verses to live by, see:

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