Friday, September 26, 2014

Called to Be Humble

In Philippians 2:1-13, the apostle Paul calls all of us to abandon selfish ambition and conceit in favor of the humble ways of Jesus Christ, who gave all that he had in the service of others rather than chasing after fame and fortune for himself. This is wise advice, especially in an age where selfish ambition and conceit seem all the rage and cause terrible trouble. Paul warned the Corinthians that love is not envious, boastful, arrogant, rude, insisting on its own way, irritable, resentful, or rejoicing in wrongdoing. We are called to avoid all of these pitfalls in life and instead take after the one who loved us enough to give all for us to reunite us with God.

Paul asserts that striving for what he calls "the mind of Christ," the life of humble, peaceful, service to others, will lead to greater unity among humanity. Serving others selflessly will encourage love, tenderness, compassion, like-mindedness, and humility. In an age where passenger flights are diverted and interrupted because people are fighting for "their right" to recline their seat ... or to block its ability to recline, it seems this alternative approach might well be worth a try.

Paul also states, if we decide to try, God will work with us, giving us the will to do wonderful things that must be done, the things that will help those who are struggling in this life and are "for God's good pleasure." With help like that, how can we not try?

Come join us on Sunday at Lansdowne Baptist Church and see what God is doing among us. You will be more than welcome. 

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