Sunday, August 10, 2014

Annual Picnic a Success with Congregation ... AND Neighbors

There were lots of stories, lots of laughter ... and lots of food!
Some of the most valuable property Lansdowne Baptist Church owns is right out in front of our education wing. It is a corner with grass, trees, and slate pathways fronting on a busy street corner. Right there at the intersection, we held our annual BBQ picnic for the congregation on Wednesday, August 6, 2014. It is a much anticipated summer celebration, a chance for fellowship, and (if you know anything about Baptists) a chance to share really good food!

Food, two chefs in action, and our sanctuary in
the background.
Our talented chefs kept the burgers and hot dogs coming ...

It was a special event this year. As one of our members pointed out, the community was so open and friendly we encouraged some of our neighbors to ask us if they could join in on the fun and the food. We had wonderful conversations and broke bread with folks we had not yet met. We were able to share a little of the good news with others as well. It was one of those opportunities when Jesus called us to do more than just share with each other and we did.

This was a wonderfully affirming moment that reminds us much of the work we are called to do will happen out in our community, not within the walls of our church. It is wonderful work for churches that choose to undertake it. It is also a chance to be fed ... spiritually as well as (in this case) physically.

There were plenty of children as well (not represented in my pictures ... they were moving too fast for that). There were bubble wands and sidewalk chalk to keep them entertained ... and us as well. It was a grand evening.

There's that busy intersection behind us! 
I am looking forward to doing this again next year ... perhaps with a few minor alterations that will better feed others. We shall see.

There's that sign using sidewalk chalk to provide
messages regularly, including Scripture.

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