Thursday, May 15, 2014

Christmas Fair Vote to Take On Sunday, June 8

Moment of Decision

Immediately following church on Sunday, June 8, a brief congregational meeting will be held to vote on whether the Christmas Fair should be held this Christmas season. The Christmas Fair has been held and much-loved at Lansdowne Baptist Church for many years. It is a wonderful way to reach out to the community, spread a little joy, share some fellowship, and build new connections. However, there are people who have coordinated the fair for years who are not able to continue in their leadership capacities and others who truly need the commitment of time and God given talents from others to make this work. We are looking for many new people to give the Christmas Fair new life, and quite possibly new direction. Please be in prayerful consideration about whether you are able to help, exploring and using the gifts God has given you in the process. Also pray about whether this activity should continue this year and come on June 8 with your answer, ready to vote in the way the Holy Spirit leads you.

Here's what is involved with the current Christmas Fair. Right now, the open positions known to exist are Crafts and Publicity. However, all areas could use assistance. New ideas on future directions for the Fair are also welcome.

Leaders Involved

     Chairperson/Co-chairs: Overseeing operations, coordinating the event, making sure all the details fall into place. 
·         Table operators: Key people who run the various tables we have or new tables we choose to include.
·         Tables include:
·         Crafts;
·         Food (lunch);
·         One-of-a-kind (unique items people have made/offered up for bidding, including Matthew’s refurbished computers);
·         Been Loved (items in good condition that are a step above the next table;
·         Grandma’s Attic (yard sale caliber treasures)
·         Bake Sale and Food
·         In the past there have been tables with crafts from other areas around the world
·         Other Positions:
·         Craft Workshops: usually the head of the craft table plans (with assistance on ideas) and organizes craft workshops that should begin very soon. In the past, regular crafts workshops have been held in Cooper Room. Some are held at night so that those working by day may join the fun.
·         Publicity: let the community know in many ways in many places that this event is taking place so more can enjoy it.
·         Volunteers for Set Up and Tear Down: Involves moving chairs, arranging tables, helping with table skirts and coverings, carrying items to Grandma’s Attic up from the basement. Set up occurs the Sunday before the fair and tear down is on Saturday afternoon of the fair.
·         Volunteers: to Serve Lunch.
·         Cashier: to fill out lunch order forms and handle money from lunch orders.

All of these positions need to be filled in order to have a successful Christmas Fair as it has been held in years past. If it is to happen, many of us will need to decide and be able to shoulder part of the operations burden. Crafts should begin to be produced now. Baking will begin in earnest when we approach the fair weekend, the first Saturday in December, the 6th

Planning to Follow Quickly

Once the vote has been held, a meeting of all interested parties will follow quickly if it is the decision of the assembled congregation to continue with the Christmas Fair this year. 

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