Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast Success

Lansdowne Baptist Church's volunteers have once again successfully completed another delicious Memorial Day all you can eat pancake breakfast. This is one of three Memorial Day events well known in Lansdowne, including the parade and the 5 K Run. In fact, 5 K runners are among the very first to come and enjoy breakfast with us. They look forward to this post-run reward annually.

The experience began with a cheerful greeting from the folks downstairs taking the entry fee and giving children a souvenir of the day to take away with them. It continued upstairs with the actual meal in Westphal Hall. The experience was concluded with a warm farewell and see you next year. Everyone who experienced the meal left with a smile.

All the effort was directed toward providing funds for the Aaron Royal Scholarship fund, providing qualifying students in the William Penn school district and the church with college scholarship money. It is a worthy effort that we enjoy each year and a great way to meet some of the wonderful people in the Lansdowne community.

See you again next year! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

All You Can Eat Pancakes on Memorial Day at LBC!

Are you going to be in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, on Memorial Day for the parade or the 5 K run? Are you going to be hungry??? Well, Lansdowne Baptist Church's busy congregation has a deal for you! Stop by the church in the morning for all the pancakes you can eat, made by some of the most wonderful cooks in and around Lansdowne.

Pancakes will be served from 9:30 AM until noon. The price is right, at $7 per person, $5 for children under 12, and $20 for immediate family members. The fellowship will be are warm and sweet as the meal. You are invited.

The funds collected are going to a very good cause, building up the funds for the Aaron Royal Scholarship, which benefits graduating, qualifying high school seniors in the William Penn School District. The price you pay on Memorial Day for that sweet meal will help deserving teens go to college.

We look forward to seeing you Monday, May 26, Memorial Day. You are most welcome.

For more, see:  http://lansdowneborough.com/webcalendar/view_entry.php?id=2576&date=20140526&user=__public__

What Will We Do with Today?

Former White House Director of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Joshua DuBois, wrote a wonderful observation on how to live each day in his book The President's Devotional. He states,
Each day is precious. This one is no exception. How can we honor this day? What unique enthusiasm, distinctive approach can we bring to it?
It is the some-odd-thousandth anniversary of our birth--a present gift wrapped by God, begging to be opened. Let's fully exhaust the little moment, right here, right now.
I hope you will take this day, this little moment, and live it to the fullest. Enjoy it for the gift from our loving God that it is to you. We have all been given this gift. The gift giver watches in great anticipation to see what we will do with it. Please don't just admire the wrapping and play with the box. Really dig into this gift, this day, and draw joy from it. Be grateful for it. You are sure to please God.

I'm going to go do the same. Have a truly blessed day!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Philadelphia Baptist Association's Baby Manna Project

Lansdowne Baptist Church is a member church of the Philadelphia Baptist Association. Associations exist to allow individual churches to join together to do more than they could alone. The Philadelphia Baptist Association is the oldest in the United States, predating the country's founding, and having just celebrated its 307 year of active service. For more on the PBA and what it has done, see: http://philadelphiabaptist.info/?page_id=184

One of the many mission projects undertaken by the PBA is the Baby Manna project. This is an important mission designed to bring much needed formula and other baby products to those babies living in poverty in the Delaware Valley. Currently, there are over 12,000 babies born into poverty in the Delaware Valley every year. Most of these children are bottle fed as they must be cared for by someone other than their mothers. Costs for infant formula is high and rising. Impoverished caregivers have been forced to give hungry infants sugar water or watered down formula, which of course are poor substitutes for proper nutrition. Infant malnutrition leads to lasting and devastating impacts on children's lives.

One hundred percent of donations to the Baby Manna program are used by Philabundance to purchase infant formula and baby products made available to Philabundance's member agencies and the people they serve.

Have a positive impact on the lives of those who struggle to nurture their infants while struggling under the crushing impact of poverty in our region by donating to this worthy program.

You may contact the Philadelphia Baptist Association to find out how to contribute at:

8711 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19128

Or you may go directly to Philabundance at this address: http://www.philabundance.org/programs-2/baby-manna/

New Pastor Installed

On Sunday, May 4, at 3:00 PM, the Lansdowne Baptist Church Search Committee conducted its final piece of business. In a beautiful and moving service, they installed the Rev. Jeff Snyder as the new pastor of the church. It was a joyous occasion ushering in a exciting new stage of the church's journey. Together pastor and congregation look forward to following where God will lead them.

The congregation was pleased to welcome the Reverend Doctor James E. McJunkin, Jr., executive director of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, who provided insight to the congregation and the new pastor during his charge to the pastor.

The pastor thanks Reverend Dr. George Hawthorne, who conducted the words of installation. This was quite meaningful for Rev. Snyder, as George Hawthorne is both a mentor and personal friend.

Afterwards there was plenty of time for fellowship and laughter at the reception, which is a very good way to start to the new pastor's way of thinking.

We are all looking forward to the joys and challenges of following God together in the sojourn ahead. Come and join us on Sunday morning and be a part of our journey. You are most welcome. We would all like to meet you. May God bless you on your journey!

Christmas Fair Vote to Take On Sunday, June 8

Moment of Decision

Immediately following church on Sunday, June 8, a brief congregational meeting will be held to vote on whether the Christmas Fair should be held this Christmas season. The Christmas Fair has been held and much-loved at Lansdowne Baptist Church for many years. It is a wonderful way to reach out to the community, spread a little joy, share some fellowship, and build new connections. However, there are people who have coordinated the fair for years who are not able to continue in their leadership capacities and others who truly need the commitment of time and God given talents from others to make this work. We are looking for many new people to give the Christmas Fair new life, and quite possibly new direction. Please be in prayerful consideration about whether you are able to help, exploring and using the gifts God has given you in the process. Also pray about whether this activity should continue this year and come on June 8 with your answer, ready to vote in the way the Holy Spirit leads you.

Here's what is involved with the current Christmas Fair. Right now, the open positions known to exist are Crafts and Publicity. However, all areas could use assistance. New ideas on future directions for the Fair are also welcome.

Leaders Involved

     Chairperson/Co-chairs: Overseeing operations, coordinating the event, making sure all the details fall into place. 
·         Table operators: Key people who run the various tables we have or new tables we choose to include.
·         Tables include:
·         Crafts;
·         Food (lunch);
·         One-of-a-kind (unique items people have made/offered up for bidding, including Matthew’s refurbished computers);
·         Been Loved (items in good condition that are a step above the next table;
·         Grandma’s Attic (yard sale caliber treasures)
·         Bake Sale and Food
·         In the past there have been tables with crafts from other areas around the world
·         Other Positions:
·         Craft Workshops: usually the head of the craft table plans (with assistance on ideas) and organizes craft workshops that should begin very soon. In the past, regular crafts workshops have been held in Cooper Room. Some are held at night so that those working by day may join the fun.
·         Publicity: let the community know in many ways in many places that this event is taking place so more can enjoy it.
·         Volunteers for Set Up and Tear Down: Involves moving chairs, arranging tables, helping with table skirts and coverings, carrying items to Grandma’s Attic up from the basement. Set up occurs the Sunday before the fair and tear down is on Saturday afternoon of the fair.
·         Volunteers: to Serve Lunch.
·         Cashier: to fill out lunch order forms and handle money from lunch orders.

All of these positions need to be filled in order to have a successful Christmas Fair as it has been held in years past. If it is to happen, many of us will need to decide and be able to shoulder part of the operations burden. Crafts should begin to be produced now. Baking will begin in earnest when we approach the fair weekend, the first Saturday in December, the 6th

Planning to Follow Quickly

Once the vote has been held, a meeting of all interested parties will follow quickly if it is the decision of the assembled congregation to continue with the Christmas Fair this year.